Getting Clear on Water Clarity

If you are anything like me, you probably have a hard time switching off from work even when the work day is supposed to have been left far behind. My curse is that I cannot enjoy a pool unless it is in the best possible condition.
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When is a good price not a good price?

Price is an important factor when finding a new service provider but what is just as important is what you get for that price. Every pool company has different ideas of what is and what isn’t included in their service price and what will be charged as an ‘extra’.
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Should I drain water from my pool after a storm?

This is a question that we get asked often after a storm such as the one we experienced yesterday. The answer is … maybe.
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Why Choose a Licensed Pool Contractor?

Most people are familiar with the potential dangers of hiring an unlicensed construction contractor to build an addition to their home. This concern oftentimes doesn't extend to the service providing the cleaning and maintenance for your pool.
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Spring in to your Clean Pool

Spring is here and Windermere Pool Services knows that you and your family are looking forward to a clean, clear pool all season. Spring is also a great time to make sure annual filter maintenance is complete.
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25 Years of Pristine Pools

Originally formed in 1988, Windermere Pool Services was started with a vision of providing reliable, and superior quality pool cleaning and maintenance to our customers. A vision we've upheld for over 25 years!
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