Should I drain water from my pool after a storm?

This is a question that we get asked often after a storm such as the one we experienced yesterday. The answer is … maybe. There is no physical harm caused to your pool by having too much water in it, but, if you feel that there is a risk that the elevated water level may flood your property then go ahead and drain it down to the normal level – half way up the skimmer opening.

Even if the water level does not pose a flood risk to your property you may still wish to drain water to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. The reason for this is that if the water level is above the skimmer opening on the tile line any bugs or leaves on the surface of the water that would normally get sucked into the skimmer will simply remain on the surface until they eventually sink to the pool floor.

How do I drain water from my pool?
Well, every pool system is different. Some pools have automated systems to drain water from the pool, others have to be drained manually.

For pool owners with DE filters there will usually be a multiport valve which (with the pool motor off) can be set to ‘DRAIN’ and then, after turning the pool system back on again, water will drain usually through the blue discharge hose.
Some cartridge filter systems have a hose spigot somewhere on the plumbing which a regular garden hose can be connected to in order to drain the pool. Failing that there will be a drain plug on the bottom of the filter housing that you can unscrew to drain water from the pool.

PLEASE REMEMBER if you start draining water from the pool you must remember to put the pool system back how it was before you started. The pool will only drain when the system is on so when the motor turns off it will stop draining but when it turns back on again tomorrow when you are no longer at home IT WILL START DRAINING AGAIN. I don’t want you to come home tomorrow to an empty pool or a burnt out pool motor.

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March 25, 2013

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