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Covid-19 Update

Pool Maintenance has been designated as an essential service during the COVID-19 restrictions. We will continue to stay open and operational for as long as physically possible. Please read our new blog to learn about the steps we are taking during this time.
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When matching price, be sure to match quality too!

During the course of a work week I am probably asked 4 or 5 times if we price match our competitors. My answer is always the same – if the competitor carries the same consumer protection as us, if they have the same record with the authorities as we do and if they have the same customer reputation, then I will be glad to price match.
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When is a good price not a good price?

Price is an important factor when finding a new service provider but what is just as important is what you get for that price. Every pool company has different ideas of what is and what isn’t included in their service price and what will be charged as an ‘extra’.
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