3 Ways to Drain Your Pool [In Case of Emergency]

Before you drain:

  1. Identify which valve controls the skimmer
  2. Make sure the skimmer is turned off
  3. Never drain more than half of your water from your pool, unless instructed and overseen by a professional

Option #1 DE Filter:

Step 1- Shut off pool pump

Step 2- Close the skimmer valve

Step 3- Turn your multiport valve to “Waste” and rollout hose to the desired location

Step 4- Turn the pump back on

Option #2 Pool Plumbing with Hose Spigot

Step 1- Make sure the pump motor is running

Step 2- Close the skimmer valve

Step 3- Attach hose to the hose spigot

Step 4- Drag hose to the desired draining location

Step 5- Open spigot

Option #3 Filter Drain Plug

Step 1- Close Skimmer

Step 2- Unscrew plug at the bottom of the filter

Posted on:
April 13, 2020


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