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Repair Services

Windermere Pool Services is fully state licensed and authorized to work on ALL of your pool’s equipment. We are licensed to carry out pool equipment repairs under Pool Contractor License #cpc1457474, we are licensed to carry out LP gas repairs under LP Gas License #27858.

Customers often ask what pool repairs we carry out — and honestly, it would be easier to list what we don’t do.

Pool Repairs

We repair all of the following:

  • pumps
  • motors
  • filters
  • plumbing
  • leaks
  • pool lights
  • floor cleaning systems
  • pool cleaners
  • drain covers
  • wall fittings
  • salt systems
  • automated control systems
  • gas heaters
  • electric heat pumps

You name it and we either do it or have the name and relationship with another great company that specializes in it.

In this flat economy, we are pleased to know that our customers are choosing to upgrade their pools. We have a variety of solutions available including the addition of automated systems — ask us about the great iPhone compatible system from Pentair. We also offer color changing pool/spa lights and we can refer you to companies who can re-surface your aging pool to make it look new again.

Swimming Pool Part Inventory

We carry a huge inventory of parts and, even if we have to ‘special-order’ something for you, we have a multitude of suppliers that we work with to get your repair completed as quickly as humanly possible.

Our Repair Manager and our Office Team will keep you fully informed as to the scheduled time to carry out your repair and you have my personal promise that we will never leave you wondering when we might show up again to complete a job.

Windermere Pool Services stands behind our service and your pool’s equipment to ensure that every pool day — is a great day.

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