How To Keep Your Pets Safe Around Your Pool

If you’re a pet owner and a pool owner, you may know that for some pets–with the exception of cats–the pool can be a great place to play and explore! To make sure everything goes swimmingly, follow these steps to make sure Man’s Best Friend remains safe in a home with a pool. 

  • Limit pets access to the pool
  • Teach your dog to swim and exit the pool
  • Use safety gear for your animals
  • Young and senior pets are generally the poorest swimmers and most likely to fall in
  • Don’t forget that small pets can drown in hot tubs and garden ponds, too
  • Cold pools are dangerous too–especially for pets that are too short to jump out of the water
  • Pool water is safe for pets to drink, but it’s best to provide plenty of fresh tap water nearby
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to an appropriate length and teach good pool manners
  • Use a drying ear cleanser after swimming to reduce the risk of ear infections

Posted on:
August 11, 2016


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