Keep Those Resolutions – Getting Healthy In Your Swimming Pool

Utilizing your swimming pool to help reach your fitness goals is fun and easy – and it’s right in your backyard! We’ve collected some great resources to find the perfect workout routine for you. Below are three options to get you to a happy and healthier you in the new year!

  1. Shape Magazine offers a series of excercises that help burn calories that work for any experience level! They can be all done in a series for a full-body workout, or you can just do a few a day to work your way up. The other great thing? Most of the excercises use things you have around the pool, like noodle toys, or nothing at all! Check out Shape Magazine’s pool workout.
  2. If you’re looking for a more intense workout, has a fairly extensive program that involves both exercices and lap swimming. They offer a schedule to keep to, as well as suggestions on how to modify the workout based on your level. They say that the workout is perfect for the winter months when running outside can sometimes be difficult – although that’s rare in Florida! See’s workout routine.
  3. Working with younger children to get healthier? Professional Swimming Workouts offers some advice from a coach for making swimming pool workouts fun and interesting for kids ages 8 to 11. Take a look at Professional Swimming Workouts’ tips here.

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Posted on:
January 23, 2017


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