Spring in to your Clean Pool

Spring is here and Windermere Pool Services knows that you and your family are looking forward to a clean, clear pool all season. Spring is also a great time to make sure annual filter maintenance is complete. This includes new cartridges for cartridge filter customers and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filter tear downs for DE Filter customers.

DE Filters are fantastic, the filtration level is second to none. However, the process of cleaning the filter grids can be overwhelming for pool owners. No matter how often you backwash you must perform a complete teardown at least annually to remove the past years dirt and trapped DE residue. Windermere Pool Services offers a complete DE Filter tear down service. We fully disassemble the unit and clean each grid inspecting along the way for cracks and holes. The filter is then reassembled, inspected again and recharged with filter powder, insuring that the filter operates at it’s peak for your swimming season!

Cartridge filter systems are much more simple in their operation and we recommend that the filter element is changed on a yearly or bi-yearly basis(they operate in a similar fashion to the filter in your home AC unit).Windermere Pool Services’ employees are trained on all major filtersystems and the Spring is a perfact time to give your system flow a boost by replacing that old worn out filter.

Pool filtration is important to the efficiency of your pump system. Failure to replace your filter cartridge or carry out a DE filter tear down puts unnecessary strain on your pump system causing premature failure. Keep it running like new with expert maintenance from Windermere Pool Services.Call us for a filter evaluation today! 

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March 19, 2013


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