Springtime Pool Prep – Get Your Filter In Perfect Shape

Springtime is officially here and here in Central Florida it’s the perfect time to make sure your pool and pool equipment is in perfect condition for the long swimming season ahead. Don’t wait until it’s too late to beat the heat!

Complete DE Filter Inspection & Cleaning

Even though our filters are great at keeping everything you want out of your pool, it’s important that annual maintenance is performed so they operate to their full potential. Intimidated by the process? No worries! We offer complete filter inspection and cleaning to remove the past year’s dirt and residue as well as checking for any damage.

We fully disassemble the unit and clean each grid inspecting along the way for cracks and holes. The filter is then reassembled, inspected again and recharged with filter powder, insuring that the filter operates at it’s peak as we welcome the Spring and Summer swimming season.

Keep your filter running like new with expert maintenance from Windermere Pool Services. Contact us for a filter evaluation today

Posted on:
March 30, 2017


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