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As the pool water temperatures continue to drop we know that many of you will be turning your pool heater on for the first time in six months, only to find it has a problem when you go to use it. Best practice suggests that you should be routinely turning your heaters on once a month, to make sure they are working and to prevent critters from making a home out of them but we know that life sometimes gets in the way!

Schedule Your Heater Tune-Up!

This year we are introducing a new service called the Heater Tune-Up. One of our repair techs will come out and get your heater running, assess any damage/repairs that may be needed now or in the near future, and clean out any nests that may have started to form inside the heater. This would be a $150 service call charge (our usual minimum service call charge for heaters).

If you want us to do this service this year (or every year), please click the buttons below!

Is your pool not currently heated?

If you don’t have a heater and want one, click ‘I’d like a heater quote’ and we’ll send a repair tech out to assess your equipment and give you recommendations/pricing on heater options for your pool!

At this time of year we are always inundated with service calls about heaters; troubleshooting old and installing new ones. We address all of them on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately, as those calls increase closer to the Holidays, we regularly have to defer the last-minute calls until after the holiday season resulting in disappointed customers.

Please don’t be that disappointed customer, if you have plans to use your existing heater or have one installed in the coming months, please reach out sooner rather than later! Demand for heaters and heater parts always increases over the winter months so the sooner we figure out what you need the better chance you have of having it in good time for the Holidays.

Posted on:
November 10, 2022


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