Why Choose a Licensed Pool Contractor?

Most people are familiar with the potential dangers of hiring an unlicensed construction contractor to build an addition to their home. This concern oftentimes doesn’t extend to the service providing the cleaning and maintenance for your pool. Unfortunately, this may be due in part to the unclear certifications in our state.

The State of Florida allows a company to easily obtain an “occupational tax certificate” that allows that company to clean and chemically treat your pool. This certificate carries no license to legally repair, work on plumbing, or to remodel any area of your pool. Worse, unlicensed certificate holders may leave you responsible for liability and insurance if a worker is injured at your home. If an unlicensed company breaks equipment through inexperience or negligence you will have little recourse as contracts made will not be legally binding.

As a licensed and verified Commercial Pool Contractor, Windermere Pool Services can be responsible for all your pool needs including:

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Equipment Service
  • Pool Equipment Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling and Building
  • Equipment Safety

Windermere Pool Services is fully insured, financially backed and rigorously trained to maintain and service your pool. All employees carry the same in-depth background checks and certification so necessary when protecting our client’s property. Additionally, we also carry state licenses for handling gas and propane needed for gas pool heaters.

When choosing Windermere Pool Services you can rest assured that you are picking a company with not only the experience and customer recommendations, but the education, insurance and licensure to do the job right the first time! Our goal is for you to “Enjoy Your Pool, We’ll Take Care of the Rest”.

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Posted on:
March 19, 2013


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